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Liander is the biggest distribution network operator in the Netherlands. They make it possible for millions of people to have acces to gas and electricity. To make that experience as pleasant as possible they have conducted a customer research. I helped them to capture all that data into a clear visual format, ready for internal communication.





Sketches & Visual Direction

Through sketching we managed to fit the data into one clear structure. To capture the ‘world of their client’ I took a dissection of the earth as a visual reference for the customers lifecycle, including all of the cables and pipelines.

The end result: a visualisation that captures the world of Liander’s customers

Every segment has its own lifecycle including a matching illustration.

The pipes and cables bring the lifecycle and the customer illustrations together.

Some parts of the lifecycle ask for more specific information. That’s why we choose to illustrated those 12 specific touchpoints.

Click on a illustration for the sketch!

Danny Peters

Manager Director—Conexperience

“Time after time Kevin provides value for Conexperience. Not only for his creative illustrations and beautiful visuals but his ideas and suggestions really help the process. We can always count on Kevin. We did more than over 5 projects together and every organisation we have worked for is more than pleased. The fact that more projects come from the same organisations shows that the quality of Kevin’s work is outstanding.”

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